Selling Yourself Short?

Almost three years ago to the day, I asked my son what I should do for Day 5 of a 100 day creative challenge. He said, “Draw sheep.” I cringed because I always believed myself to have had zero skill at drawing. But, as a mom, I aim to please and be a good role … Continue reading Selling Yourself Short?

Got Untapped Strengths?

I'm a little bit obsessed with CliftonStrengths (formerly Strengthsfinder). It's an online assessment (with supporting books and programs) that helps you identify where your innate talents lie. Idea being that when you focus your time, energy and attention on your greatest potential, that you will be happier, more successful, etc etc. (Tapping into your untapped … Continue reading Got Untapped Strengths?

Be Awesome – But Not At Everything

This just in! Science* concludes that human people can only be awesome at five life categories at a time. Pick and choose, but don't try to be awesome in all categories at all times. You. Will. Go. Bonkers. Sometimes good enough is good enough. Example categories: Progressive mom Awesome wife / partner Sex kitten Great … Continue reading Be Awesome – But Not At Everything

Not My Thing

For Rebecca How has it taken 40-something years for us to understand that not everything gets to be or needs to be our thing? Which means that it's perfectly normal, natural and right to say "It's just not my thing." Full stop. No explanation. No shame. No further conversation needed. Maybe there is some practice needed … Continue reading Not My Thing

What’s So Perfect about Being Perfect?

Seems like I need a daily reminder of the distinction between excellence and perfection. Excellence is solid. It’s grounded. It comes from inside you. It calls for good posture, shoulders back, sharp focus and an inner smile. It summons your strengths, talents and gifts and it calls for you to SHINE. Excellence knows when things … Continue reading What’s So Perfect about Being Perfect?