Movie Time: The Intouchables


There’s too much pressure to publish something profound on my birthday (yes, today!). So instead I will add a new category to Your Goodness Guide. It’s MOVIE TIME!

Check out The Intouchables. Here’s a movie full of irreverent, French-subtitled goodness. Based on a true story and nominated for multiple awards a few years back, it’s an unexpected, offbeat and profound (see I worked it in) story with ton of flair. Good for the soul.

And the soundtrack includes Earth, Wind & Fire’s disco smooth “Boogie Wonderland.” C’mon. (Okay, here’s the disco dance scene for context.)

So, The Intouchables. Add it to your watch list. Not to be confused with Brian DePalma’s Prohibition-era classic The Untouchables, which arguably has a fantastic cast and story…but no “Boogie Wonderland.” At least not in the English language version.


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