Not Impossible Labs


Sometimes it’s hard to believe that one person can change the world. But when that someone is zero to one degree of separation to you, you start to believe that it could be true.

Let me introduce you to Not Impossible. Co-founded by my good friend Elliot Kotek and an inspirational Mick Ebeling. Not Impossible makes DIY, accessible, tech-based solutions for people around the world, and then powerfully tells those stories to inspire others to do the same.

They “help one, help many” by committing to finding solutions and transforming people’s lives. Long story short: These guys make good sh*t happen.

I was blown away when I heard about Not Impossible and Project Daniel.

Sudan, Africa. Over 50,000 amputees are left in the wake of the bloodiest war Africa has ever known. Mick hears of a boy named Daniel whose arms were blown off during a bombing of his village when he was 14. The plan was for Mick to go (not quite legally) to the Nuba Mountains in Sudan, find Daniel and build him 3D printed prosthetic arms. With the help of sponsor Intel, Mick not only makes Daniel new arms, but equips the locals with the technology and training so they can make limbs for other amputees.

Want to witness people doing great things for other people? Go to

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