Beware of Ye Wee Mixed Nuts

nuts3Can we talk about nuts for a minute?

I love ’em. Everyone does, right? So crunchy. A great on-the-go snack. Thoroughly convenient. I pick up a bag and snack on them, just a handful at a time, throughout the day. This girl has a low blood sugar phenomenon that will bring me to hangry in record time.

A few almonds or walnuts drop to the bottom of my handbag? Perfect! Secret stash for when things get really dicey.After all, I don’t want bad things to happen to people that I love. Just brush off the mini-dust bunnies.

Life is good until one day it occurs to me that these little suckers are the reason I can’t fit into my slim-fit jeans.

Here’s something shocking:

If you consume approximately 3 oz. of almonds each day without accounting for them in your meal plan, you can gain 1 lb. in a week. Even though the fat in almonds is primarily healthy fats, eating 3 oz. of almonds introduces 42 g of fat into your diet. –

3 oz? Time to get out the calculator. Based on my calculation, 27 almonds equals 3 oz. My small, five-foot-woman hand can hold 20 almonds. Yep, I am sure I have consumed three handfuls on some days!

There’s a reason that nature grows nuts in hard shells. It should take you A LONG TIME to open each one to eat it.

I continually find evidence that my Depression Era grandparents were way more advanced than we are. Of course they ate nuts. They had a big bowl of them at the table and we would spend an hour cracking and picking out the meats. All that work would net a grand total of about 5 nuts each.

Plus, they never even tried to get into a pair of slim-fit jeans (or any jeans for that matter).

So, here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going on Amazon tomorrow and buying some whole mixed nuts in a shell. Mix it up. Introduce a Filbert now and again. We’re bringing back the nutcracker, friends. Maybe even this vintage dog nutcracker on Etsy.

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