Wash Your New Clothes, (Wo)Man!

Wash Clothes First

This handy tip was brought to you by The Wall Street Journal. (They are really expanding their content topics!)

Do you really need to wash new clothes before wearing them?

My mom told me I should. But I don’t always. I used to. I wash the kids’ clothes. Mostly. But then life happens and who has the time? After all, the clothes look so fresh and ready to go.

Yep, “ready to go” with chemicals (buy organic, friends!) and quite possibly little stowaways like lice and bedbugs and any other microscopic creepers that were on the hands of the people who were manufacturing and packaging the clothes.

They had me at L-I-C-E. Now, based on my extensive field research earlier this year (yeah, over Christmas break…awesome), lice can’t survive long without a human host, but who wants to take that chance? Not this senorita.

So scrub those duds. The Wall Street Journal AND MY MOM told you so.

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