Let’s Talk About Not Talking

dumberHad a dream last week about something that’s currently going on in my personal life. I won’t bore you with nonsensical details, but in the dream I was told NOT TO TALK ABOUT the situation for three weeks. Just let it rest…let it cool off for a while. Very specifically, for three weeks. Hugely challenging since it’s the biggest thing going on.

So far, so good. I didn’t speak until I was three. Maybe I can channel my inner toddler.

When we talk about something, we give it power and momentum, keep it alive AND we are blocking other positive schtuff…energy…enjoyment…information…solutions.

I’ll illustrate through a real-world, parking lot example:

Me: (Driving, stopped, looking out window to my left) I can’t believe that guy took my parking spot. He totally saw me waiting here for it!

Passenger: Oh, yeah. That stinks.

Me: (Head still turned) I mean, I was right here. With my blinker on.

Passenger: Uh, Laura.

Me: (Yep, head still turned) Look at him. He can’t even look this way.

Passenger: Laura…

Me: (Not taking my eye off the guy) He totally knows he was in the wrong.

Passenger: Laura!

Me: (Finally turning around) What?!

Passenger: You just missed that other spot that had opened up over there.

Don’t miss out on the good schtuff by talking incessantly about the “bad.” 

Three weeks. Hmm…21 days. Sounds like just enough time to create a new habit.

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