Mental Time Capsuling

I’m not the kind of person that routinely switches handbags. Or even goes through the bag to see what’s in there. So…it stands to reason that some days the contents of my little shoulder bag surprise even ME.

Today is one of those days. Each little piece reminds me of how much I’m in love with the little boy that I’ve been blessed to parent – and that these little boy days will not last forever. This post is my virtual time capsule of a sweet, sweet season in life.

Reminds me of the best advice I received when my son was a baby: The days are long but the years are short!

Here’s the time capsule contents:

  • Yellow ping pong ball
  • Disney Cars color changer vehicle
  • Purple alien mini-figure from 99 Cent Store
  • Rock from Bat Cave in Griffith Park
  • Roll of gauze
  • Roll on sunscreen
  • Plastic pipette from science camp
  • Tag from stuffed cobra purchased last week from LA Zoo
  • Roll of Smarties (half)
  • Greens Plus chocolate energy bar* (half)
  • Whole Zbar – chocolate brownie*
  • Hard Rock casino player’s card
  • And all the usual suspects (wallet, lip gloss, etc)

Forget about the time capsule. We’re ready for a scavenger hunt. (Or weird Vegas adventure.) You?

* surely melted at one time and reconstituted

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