Wanna Clean? Play Hide and Seek

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 12.07.07 PM

(above) A good laugh from momtastic.com – 17 Hide and Seek Fails

This is the first summer that I have not been working full time since I had my son seven years ago. Believe it or not, it’s not easy to shift out of a high-octane, corporate energy. Lucky, I have a high-octane family to help me out. The past month has been full.

I’ve found ways to put myself completely in the picture, relax and revel in summer. And, at times, even embody little boy energy…pumping my legs to swing higher and hopping off when (oh, my God!) the seats were way to hot…lounging on the couch and watching Lego Ninjago for hours (rationalization: life lessons abound on this show) and kinda getting hooked on it.

My most favorite achievement is that I’ve become a Hide and Seek master, of sorts. I’m the designated seeker. Actually, I’m intentionally really, really bad at it, which delights the little boys in my home and gives me time – in small¬†intervals – to straighten the house. I know it’s a “mommy cheat” but it works. I count to 100 in the room that is the messiest then go from room to room making loud remarks and “ah ha” noises in all the wrong places while I organize.

I hardly even notice that I’m cleaning. Now THAT’S what summer is all about.

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