Philly Fam Trip Summed Up in 4 Quotes


My son, my man and I made a cross country journey from LA to my hometown Philadelphia last weekend. It had been 2+ years since I was home…and longer than that since my son had made the trip. And a first for my man.

It was hot. The kind of hot that I had forgotten existed. Time with my family and old friends filled my cup.

I could ramble on about our culinary indulgences (oh how I’ve missed you, Philadelphia pretzels!) and our exploits into the city. But, why bother. My six-year-old son captured the trip perfectly with his timely quotes:

“I wish you had taken a cooking class before I was born.”
(As I pointed out the cooking class in progress in a glassed off room in Reading Terminal Market.)

“I can’t wait to get on the train and forget about all this nonsense.”
(Racing back to Jefferson Station after touring Independence Hall, Liberty Bell and such. Yes, we were all dripping sweat. But, mind you, he was getting a free ride on my man’s shoulders.)

“You’re not reading my mind, Mom. It’s science. When people kiss or drink from a glass together, their DNA mixes and they just know things about each other.”
(Um, I think that might really be true.)

“Mom, I wasn’t really sure about this trip. I thought it would be boring. But I found out that that Nerf makes a shooter with a laser. I didn’t even know that!”
(On the way home. Enough said.)

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