Dogs: Parent’s Best Friend, Too

P1010164 (1)

Our dog Frankie has become my son’s best friend. And lately this little rag-a-muffin has become a great conduit for gentle parenting.

Hey kids, not sure how you feel about math?
No problem. Teach it to your dog in what my son refers to as The Dog Days of Summer School. You ask the math question and the dog channels the answer to you. If he gets it wrong and mom suggests an adjustment, gently tell your dog with mom’s coaching that it’s okay because he’s still learning, and everyone learns at a different pace. It’s all about the effort.

Concerned that you’re going to have bad dreams?
Scare those negative thoughts away with the image of Frankie hopping like a bunny across the yard to retrieve a stick. Giggles at bedtime ensue.

Worried about bullies at school?
Not for long. Your tough but oh-so-cute pup is your best ally. He will maul any aggressors – even if just in your imagination. Oh, you have a big heart? Okay then perhaps you can share with the bully how cute your dog’s butt looks when he is hopping like a bunny. That’ll show ’em.

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