Superiority Is Overrated


Funny thing about being a writer and editor, you’re trained to sniff out errors. If you’re not careful, you can get a chip on your shoulder. The ego takes over. And the ego looooves to feel superior.

Maybe like a cop that gets some sick satisfaction from catching you speeding…when you’re nine months pregnant, on your way home from grad school, AFTER working an eight hour day. Just saying.

I digress.

Yes, the editor in me cringes at — and sometimes devalues — content that is riddled with errors. This morning I came across a re-post on Facebook that crossed my eyes. I had to read it three times to understand what Maurice Hutt was saying.


I actually got mad at the writing for a second. He had something great to say, why couldn’t he write “you” instead of “yo.” My irritation compelled me to visit his Facebook page. Maybe he was a hot mess and my ego would be justified in feeling superior.

You know what happened next? I softened. The writing in his posts moved me. I connected to his heart. And his truth and pain and self-respect. I read beyond the spelling and grammar. Honestly, it wasn’t that difficult.

This guy is a bold, outspoken role model. Hell yeah!

He speaks of responsibility, relationships, parenting, honor and how his mother raised him. And I don’t give a poop that it takes me a few extra seconds to figure out what he’s saying. I’m happy that he’s out there spreading goodness. And he is! As of this writing, Maurice has just under 12,000 Facebook followers.

Curious? Visit:

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