The News Basically Sucks, But People Are Still Basically Good

Ya know, despite my best efforts, some of the worst news headlines still sink in. And sometimes I click on those story links and my guts twist in a knot. The shootings. The abuse. The neglect. The absurd.

This morning it was: “Man Strangles Woman On Plane For Putting Back Her Seat”

And then there was another that I can’t even publish here.

Call me a Pollyanna, but I look around and see people doing good things. I see people who care for the world and each other. I see more good than I ever have seen in my 45 years. I challenge you to do the same. Especially on those days where some of the worst news sneaks in.

Yes, of course, I see the dark stuff in my world, too. But Fear, Hate and Anger and the actions that stem from those places cannot be eradicated with more of the same. The more you rail against it, the more Fear, Hate and Anger grows.

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