What Good Can Come Of This?


Years ago when I was going through a really hard time, one of my dearest friends taught me a question that got me through sleepless nights and has since served me well.

“What good can come of this?”

It’s a hard question to ask yourself when things seem quite impossibly “bad.”

But it’s worth it.

Last week after the San Bernadino shooting…

Then the SoCal gas leak…

And this morning after reading yet another article that compares Trump to Hitler

I talked myself out of moving to another country and asked the question.

“What good can come of this?”

Funny enough, an answer came.

It’s not original, but it’s true.

As a sensitive soul, a dreamer, an empath, a writer, a mother, I have a habit of putting my head in the sand. Of letting my political cynicism take over. I check out. I lay low. I stop knowing what’s happening. On purpose. Because, really, it’s just too much.

Yesterday I saw this image floating around Facebook.


I’m a Taurus. And, yes, 25 hours seems about right. It made me laugh out loud. My mom says that my default state as a baby was sleeping. I’d wake to eat and “do my business.” Then back to sleep!

But I wonder now about that need, desire, longing for sleep. Is it a way to escape being alive and out here in the world?

Um, yeah.

So, what good can come of this?

I don’t have any political aspirations. But I do know that I am a leader and an influencer.

All of this chaos is stirring up in me a desire to be a force of good. Not necessarily to go head to head with the “bad.” But to stand up loud and proud and take the lead on issues a little more salient than I have in the past. To slough off any doubts I’ve had in the past about whether my voice matters.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that there’s a certain amount of distance and buffer that’s healthy. But then it gets to a point when it’s just a way of hiding.

As long as we’re alive, we might as well be full out living. Right?

Guess it’s time for this Rumpelstiltskin to git on up.

(Periodic naps are still permissible.)


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