Not My Thing

For Rebecca

How has it taken 40-something years for us to understand that not everything gets to be or needs to be our thing? Which means that it’s perfectly normal, natural and right to say “It’s just not my thing.” Full stop. No explanation. No shame. No further conversation needed.

Maybe there is some practice needed to really get clear. I’ll give it a try.

My thing: Coming up with great ideas for staying organized.
Not my thing: Remembering to use the things that I put into place to stay organized.

Verdict: I’m an ideas person, guys! Organization schmorganization.

My thing: Deep conversations about the universe and how amazing it is to be a freaking spirit in a material world.
Not my thing: Finding a single thing to say to the other moms at pick up…ever.

Verdict: I’m your gal when you want to talk about your relationship with your (insert friend/family member here). Nothing gives me greater pleasure than laying out a situation and diving in with you. 

My thing: Sleeping at least 25 hours a day.
Not my thing: Taking long naps then needing to carry on with the day.

Verdict: I love to sleep! Sometimes I’m more productive in my dream life than I am during the waking hours. Love to work out problems in my sleep. 

You know what? That wasn’t too difficult. Actually, very liberating. No guilt. No judgment. No ego. Just truth.

If everything was your thing, then nothing would be your thing. Then you wouldn’t be you and that would be very, very unfortunate, indeed.

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