Read the Signs

Humans make meaning out of lots of things. And I’m as human as they come. (You too?)

Every time I see a feather on the ground I think of my Uncle Ron; he came to me in a dream and, yada yada, feathers. So I say, Hey Ron, and think about what advice he might give me right then.

A rep from Go Daddy called me on Tuesday just as I was thinking about re-upping my small biz online presence. I’ve been trying to contact them for two years! Coincidence? I think not!

Or my mess of a sock drawer calling out to me and today I sorted it and found 100 bucks stashed in a card.

The world is full of signs!

Except for my underwear being too tight lately. Surely unrelated to pizza and bagels. Hmmm…Must be a sign to be more careful with the dryer settings.

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