Got Untapped Strengths?

I'm a little bit obsessed with CliftonStrengths (formerly Strengthsfinder). It's an online assessment (with supporting books and programs) that helps you identify where your innate talents lie. Idea being that when you focus your time, energy and attention on your greatest potential, that you will be happier, more successful, etc etc. (Tapping into your untapped … Continue reading Got Untapped Strengths?

What Good Can Come Of This?

Years ago when I was going through a really hard time, one of my dearest friends taught me a question that got me through sleepless nights and has since served me well. "What good can come of this?" It's a hard question to ask yourself when things seem quite impossibly "bad." But it's worth it. … Continue reading What Good Can Come Of This?

Kids Are Philosophers, Too!

"I just don't understand why the world was created. I mean why are we here?" Says everyone including my seven-year-old son while he was falling asleep last night. Wow! What a reminder to never underestimate the depth of a child's musings. Especially the souls who clearly have fully developed adult sensibilities and just happen to … Continue reading Kids Are Philosophers, Too!

Newsflash: Resting Is Not Same As Being Lazy

I grew up afraid of being caught idle. It just wasn't a thing to do. In fact, there were a million BETTER things to do rather than sitting around in your Gap loungewear (didn't exist) and chillaxing (nope, not yet). Maybe it was the influence of Depression Era grandparents. Or our conservative Catholic school. Or … Continue reading Newsflash: Resting Is Not Same As Being Lazy

Just Say ‘I’m Sorry,’ Darn It!

What makes it so difficult to set aside our pride and admit when we are flat out wrong? Is "sorry" actually the hardest word? The other day I witnessed a near accident in front of my son's elementary school. The hairs on my neck are still standing up. How the driver handled herself - in … Continue reading Just Say ‘I’m Sorry,’ Darn It!

Just Like Chicken

I thought it'd be fun to resurface this piece I wrote for 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life in 2006. Still relevant. Slightly edited. Enjoy! Give up. Yes, give up trying to be something streamlined, tucked, professional, more of something, less of something. It’s over. It’s done. It’s so last year. Be yourself. All of … Continue reading Just Like Chicken