Your Guide, Laura Lallone

Always second guessing yourself? Want to feel more confident in your strengths and abilities so you can reach your goals (and just be happier)?

Here’s the thing: It can be really hard to navigate this on your own — not just because challenge and struggle is how we grow but because we weren’t meant to go it alone.

So, here I am. I’m here for you as a confidant, sounding board and guide to help you get really clear on where to focus your energy so you can move forward with confidence.

Sound corny? Maybe. Sound too California? I guess. But I’m from Philadelphia so that counts for a lot.

Here’s what you can count on me for:

  • No judgment
  • No pressure
  • To be really normal and easy to talk to
  • To share cool tools and exercise that you can use for years to come
  • To bring 25 years of combined experience in communication, arts, coaching, writing, psychology and development of people

Here’s how clients usually work with me:

  • Five 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Mix of open conversation and structured exercises
  • Over the phone, online or in person
  • Program cost: $750

Enjoy the musings and offerings on this site, and please don’t hesitate to contact me when you could use a guide to get back to your own goodness.

Email me at and we will set up a time to talk.