Your Guide, Laura Lallone

IMG_8903Life is too short and precious to go it alone. I’m a guide. A buddy. The person that is right there with you, helping you figure shit out when you’re in no man’s land — when you made a big leap and you are N.E.W. I work with a variety of clients: new authors, new entrepreneurs, new moms, people who are new to the United States, young adults new to the working world. You name the “new” and I’m in it with you.

As a writer, editor, artist, coach and student of the human condition, I bring 25 years of experience in these fields and 48 years of throwing my own self into the scary, nail-biting “new.” I come with enthusiasm and unconditional acceptance to help you move yourself forward with confidence and positivity.

Imagination and creativity are the cornerstones of my work. I use art, visualization, good ole fashion “pour me a cuppa tea” conversations. Some clients enjoy walking and talking. Some benefit from Wisdom of Trees oracle card readings. All clients know that I am 100% on their side and come without judgment or my own agenda. Our coaching relationship is a safe haven, to come as you are, let down your hair, be real and get grounded in loving kindness and inspiration.

Enjoy the musings and offerings on this site, and please don’t hesitate to contact me when you could use a goodness guide.

Email me at and we will set up a time to talk.