Selling Yourself Short?

Almost three years ago to the day, I asked my son what I should do for Day 5 of a 100 day creative challenge. He said, “Draw sheep.” I cringed because I always believed myself to have had zero skill at drawing. But, as a mom, I aim to please and be a good role … Continue reading Selling Yourself Short?

Not My Thing

For Rebecca How has it taken 40-something years for us to understand that not everything gets to be or needs to be our thing? Which means that it's perfectly normal, natural and right to say "It's just not my thing." Full stop. No explanation. No shame. No further conversation needed. Maybe there is some practice needed … Continue reading Not My Thing

Can’t Remember Facts? Me Neither. And I’ll Never Judge You.

    Like it was yesterday, I remember the day I realized that my brain does not retain facts. Boston, 1995. I was 25. My new boyfriend at the time was the kind of person who could - and I'm sure still can - read an article or watch a show and file away the … Continue reading Can’t Remember Facts? Me Neither. And I’ll Never Judge You.

Just Like Chicken

I thought it'd be fun to resurface this piece I wrote for 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life in 2006. Still relevant. Slightly edited. Enjoy! Give up. Yes, give up trying to be something streamlined, tucked, professional, more of something, less of something. It’s over. It’s done. It’s so last year. Be yourself. All of … Continue reading Just Like Chicken