Selling Yourself Short?

Almost three years ago to the day, I asked my son what I should do for Day 5 of a 100 day creative challenge. He said, “Draw sheep.” I cringed because I always believed myself to have had zero skill at drawing. But, as a mom, I aim to please and be a good role … Continue reading Selling Yourself Short?

What’s So Perfect about Being Perfect?

Seems like I need a daily reminder of the distinction between excellence and perfection. Excellence is solid. It’s grounded. It comes from inside you. It calls for good posture, shoulders back, sharp focus and an inner smile. It summons your strengths, talents and gifts and it calls for you to SHINE. Excellence knows when things … Continue reading What’s So Perfect about Being Perfect?

Let’s Lighten Up, Friends!

Today I'm inclined to take my YogiTea bag message as universal truth. "The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment." What if it really were this simple? What if we could experiment with life and play and help make the world a better place and enjoy vacations and love our kids and be present … Continue reading Let’s Lighten Up, Friends!

Let’s Talk About Not Talking

Had a dream last week about something that's currently going on in my personal life. I won't bore you with nonsensical details, but in the dream I was told NOT TO TALK ABOUT the situation for three weeks. Just let it rest...let it cool off for a while. Very specifically, for three weeks. Hugely challenging since … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Not Talking

Is the World “For Me” or “Against Me”?

A message came to me in the middle of the night. Happiness hangs on my answer to a simple (not really) question: Is the world for me or against me? Forget about finding happiness in a future-scheduled vacation, in a weight-loss program, or in a relationship. If I think that the world (God, The Universe, people, etc) is … Continue reading Is the World “For Me” or “Against Me”?