“Good News” on Huffington Post

Time to lighten things up! Judging from the news media, you might think we're living in dark times and that the world is collapsing onto itself with all its citizens rising up against each other. Until you fall into the "Good News" tab of Huffington Post. There you will find stories of kindness and inspiration from … Continue reading “Good News” on Huffington Post

Catching Kayla

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpA-FsKLA6A This story of Kayla - who runs until her legs collapse due to MS - is so inspiring that it brought me to tears...over a kale salad, watching ESPN on a flatscreen over a bar. And the volume wasn't even on! Kayla, your heart, positive outlook and determination move me. And make me want … Continue reading Catching Kayla