Kids Are Philosophers, Too!

"I just don't understand why the world was created. I mean why are we here?" Says everyone including my seven-year-old son while he was falling asleep last night. Wow! What a reminder to never underestimate the depth of a child's musings. Especially the souls who clearly have fully developed adult sensibilities and just happen to … Continue reading Kids Are Philosophers, Too!

Just Say ‘I’m Sorry,’ Darn It!

What makes it so difficult to set aside our pride and admit when we are flat out wrong? Is "sorry" actually the hardest word? The other day I witnessed a near accident in front of my son's elementary school. The hairs on my neck are still standing up. How the driver handled herself - in … Continue reading Just Say ‘I’m Sorry,’ Darn It!

Worried That You Worry Too Much? You’re So Human!

I remember a time when random worries only drifted into my mind when I was idle. It was usually the big stuff like who I would marry or my perfect career path. I'd go for a run, watch a movie, or phone a friend and the worry would dissipate. Until I had a baby seven … Continue reading Worried That You Worry Too Much? You’re So Human!

The Four Agreements…for Parenting!

Recently I was re-introduced (twice) to the simple but powerful book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Putting on my parenting hat, I am very sure that I must get these agreements tattooed to my forearms so they are always in close range. Go ahead, test out their relevance in everyday parenting situations. I bet … Continue reading The Four Agreements…for Parenting!

Revelation: This Guide is for Moms

This post is an announcement of sorts. For the past two months I've been experimenting with the audience and focus of Your Goodness Guide. All signs are pointing me to narrow the goodness onto the 21st century motherhood journey with a special proclivity for new moms and moms of younger kids. I'm deep in it … Continue reading Revelation: This Guide is for Moms