Let’s Lighten Up, Friends!

Today I'm inclined to take my YogiTea bag message as universal truth. "The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment." What if it really were this simple? What if we could experiment with life and play and help make the world a better place and enjoy vacations and love our kids and be present … Continue reading Let’s Lighten Up, Friends!

Worried That You Worry Too Much? You’re So Human!

I remember a time when random worries only drifted into my mind when I was idle. It was usually the big stuff like who I would marry or my perfect career path. I'd go for a run, watch a movie, or phone a friend and the worry would dissipate. Until I had a baby seven … Continue reading Worried That You Worry Too Much? You’re So Human!

I’m a Warrior, Not a Worrier

For years I've been trying to shake a seemingly innate ability to worry about just about anything and everything. Like it's my job. Like I would be irresponsible if I weren't worrying. Like somehow my incessant worrying would tip the balance in order to allow for the positive outcome. Because I wanted it so much and … Continue reading I’m a Warrior, Not a Worrier